We're bringin' sexy back... What?!

Sexy, sultry, sweet, seductive, sassy, silly, there are so many 's' words that you will use to describe your boudoir images by the time we're done with them. Boudoir is something many of us think about doing, but we tend to wait until we're "perfect". Let me tell you, you are perfect NOW. Take photos for yourself or as a special gift for a partner, but let's take some photos!


Get Ready!

Check out our FAQ section below for some tips and trick on how to prepare.  We currently do not offer in house hair & make-up services so you'll need to source those. Feel free to bring as many outfits as you like!


Date, Time, & Location

Together we will help you find a date and time that works best for all of us.   We recommend coming to our studio, as we have several backdrop options, but if you prefer in the comfort of your own home, or somewhere special let us know!


Say Hello!

Head on over to our contact page and say hello! We will respond within 72 hours to your email inquiry. If for any reason you don't see our reply, check your spam! We would never leave you on-read.

Let's do this!

3 Easy Steps for Booking Your Boudoir Session

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After your session you will have the choice to either schedule a date to sit and go through all the images together for 10% off, or we will upload your photos online for you to peruse at your leisure. Your photos will be roughly culled and edited, not yet fine tuned. Once you are certain about which images you want to take home, we will perfect every little thing!

How do I purchase my images?

Sessions usually last 1-3 Hours, but we will take as long or short as it needs. A lot of the process will be getting you to be your most comfortable in front of the camera so that you can enjoy your time and get the best images possible.

How long is the session?

Absolutely! We encourage personalizing your session. We have included personal props like guitars, handcuffs, balloons, champagne, all the way to welding helmets! Whether it's your own items that you feel a connection with, or something special of your partners' we will take whatever you bring with you and make it sexy.

Can I bring personal items?

Of course you can! We understand that this experience can be a bit daunting, especially if you haven't met us in person before. Making you feel secure and comfortable is our number one priority, so if having a friend with you helps that, then be our guest! We have a comfortable sitting area they can hang out in if you want privacy, or they can chill  with us on set.

Can I bring a friend?

Multiple outfits are expected! You can change in our studio behind a privacy divider, or in the restroom outside our door. Bear in mind that we currently don't have a client closet, so please be sure to bring all the clothing or lingerie you want to wear!

Can we have an outfit change?

Put together and TRY ON your chosen outfits (and shoes) in advance, wear it around and make sure you are aware of how it fits and moves, you want to feel comfortable as well as beautiful on your session date.
Secure your own hair & make-up services, lotion everything for the week prior, and above all else stay hydrated! We also encourage bringing some snacks in case you want a break, and  let us know your favorite music!

How do I prepare?

Frequently Asked Questions