Small Events

It's party time!

Weddings aren't the only events that are important, so they're not the only events we cover! Whether you're looking for  coverage of a  business event, a sports game, a family party, or a religious rite of passage, we are here to document every moment that matters.


Sports & Parties

Life is a ball so let's party! Softball games, family reunions,   50th Anniversaries, First Birthdays,   we can capture it all! We have lots of experience  working with fast paced events and gathering gaggles of people together for photos. Whatever you need!


Religious Events

We pride ourselves on being welcoming of all religions and are happy to help you celebrate. Tea ceremonies, baptisms, sabbath dinner, we are happy to document your important moments in a respectful and open minded manner.

Religious Event Examples

Sports & Party Examples


Business Events

Someone has to capture the holiday party every year, or how will we remember it?! We are happy to cover anything you need from charity events, town hall meetings, to team building events. Contact us for your every  event!

Business Event Examples

Here are common examples!

We are happy to capture any event that you may need...

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Small events are charged at $250 per hour and come with the print rights to all the usable images. We always ask to be credited in any social media post or  printed material but the rest you can print to your heart's content!

How do I purchase my images?

Yes! We are now offering video services as well as photography services for any and all small events. Prices vary so be sure to request a quote from our contact page as we are still working out the final details!

Can we also hire video services?

Small events vary in their needs. We make sure to capture all your must-haves but want to give you more than that. We are happy to grab group photos, a few headshots, or even some branding images during your event!

What type of photos will you capture?

We will set up a time for a phone consultation to  assess everything that you'll need us to cover. After that just be sure to take care of your event as normal, we will handle the photos.

How do I prepare?

Small Events are considered to be any type of event except wedding days. Due to a different requirement in equipment and shooting style, weddings are the only type of event this category does not cover. So aside from weddings, the sky is the limit!

Are there any restrictions?

Weekends are when the action is so as soon as you need our services I would be sure to book right away!

When should we schedule our session?

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