Professional Headshots

Put your best look forward

Whether you're a butcher, baker, candlestick maker, or just need to update your resume, we can make sure you look your best! We offer a variety of backdrop colors and pride ourselves on being able to  make the process as painless as possible. Only models thrive in front of the camera (and America's Next Top Model makes it seem like a pretty tough job) so we don't expect you to have to be perfect or even comfortable at first. We are there to make your session pleasant and quick!


Get Ready!

Check out our FAQ section below for some tips and trick on how to prepare. All you really need is an outfit and a smile, you can bring a friend along if you like. We will take care of all the rest!


Date & Time

Together we will help you find a date and time that works best for all of us.  We can shoot in studio or on location, so let us know what you prefer!


Say Hello!

Head on over to our contact page and say hello! We will respond within 72 hours to your email inquiry. If for any reason you don't see our reply, check your spam! 

Let's do this!

3 Easy Steps for Booking Your Professional Headshot

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After your session you will be able to look over your images at your leisure, if you'd like to wait to see them it's another 10-15 minute wait, or we can just upload them for you to peruse online! Your photos will be roughly culled and edited, not yet fine tuned. Once you are certain about which images you want to take home, we will perfect every little thing!

How do I purchase my images?

Sessions usually last 15-30 minutes, but we will take as long or short as it needs. A lot of the process will be getting you to be your most comfortable in front of the camera so that you can enjoy your time and get the best images possible.

How long is the session?

Absolutely! Don't be afraid to bring along tools of your trade! We can make sure to get the traditional images that you expect, and then get a little fun with it if you want! Nothing wrong with leaning your headshots more towards a brand driven session.

Can I bring personal items?

Make sure you are happy with your hair and make-up choices as well as the outfit selections you're bringing with you. We can touch up blemishes and imperfections on request but we want to make sure you are set up for success!

How do I prepare?

We can definitely accommodate an  outfit change. HOWEVER, if we are shooting on location, you should be aware of if there are places to change. We are not above waiting for you to quick-change in your car, but you may want to see if there are bathrooms nearby!

Can we have an outfit change?

For outdoor photo sessions we recommend finding a time near sunrise or sunset for the best lighting, however any time of day can be made to work based on the location chosen! For indoor sessions any time of day is fine as lighting will not be a problem.

When should we schedule our session?

Frequently Asked Questions