Let's get to know each other

Engagement sessions are highly encouraged for anyone and everyone planning to get married. Not only is it a great way to "try out" your photographer and get to know them, it's a great way for you to practice and get a feel for being in front of the camera on your wedding day! We make  engagement sessions easy at only $450 for a 60-90 minute session, at a location of your choosing.


Get Ready!

Check out our FAQ section below for some tips and trick on how to prepare. All you really need is an outfit, your partner, and a smile. We will take care of all the rest!


Date & Time

Together we will help you find a date and time that works best for all of us.  Not sure of location? No problem! We have lots of suggestions based on what type of scenery you are looking for; beach, parks, indoor, Taco Bell, wherever!


Say Hello!

Head on over to our contact page and say hello! We will respond within 72 hours to your email inquiry. If for any reason you don't see our reply, check your spam! We would never leave you on read.

Let's do this!

3 Easy Steps for Booking Your Engagement Session

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We make engagements easy with the same package for everyone! Only $450 for all your images which we upload to our online gallery. There you can order any additional prints, cards, or wall arts if you like!

How do I purchase my images?

Sessions usually last 60-90 minutes, but we will take as long or short as it needs. A lot of the process will be getting you to be your most comfortable in front of the camera so that you can enjoy your time and get the best images possible.

How long is the session?

Absolutely! We encourage personalizing your session. Don't be afraid to bring along a blanket, champagne, signs, or anything else you want included!. We can make sure to get the traditional images that you expect, and then get a little crazy with it if you want!

Can I bring personal items?

Put together and TRY ON your chosen outfit (and shoes) at least a week in advance. Wear it around and make sure you are aware of how it fits and moves, you want to feel comfortable as well as beautiful on your session date.
Treat yourself with a manicure or home spa day the day before! We want to show off your ring, and don't want to hide your fingers.
Bring shoes for the terrain! Whether you are in heels or your favorite sandals, you want to have shoes in between shots that you can move around in.

How do I prepare?

We can definitely accommodate an  outfit change. HOWEVER, be aware of if you have  somewhere to change at the location we are going to. e don't mind if you need to quick-change in your car, but you may prefer to see if there are bathrooms nearby!

Can we have an outfit change?

There isn't a wrong time to have an engagement session!. Like the postal service in Discworld says "Neither rain, nor snow, not gloom of night, can stay these messengers  about their duty". So essentially, year round! Sunrise and sunset are best for natural lighting but worry not we are  able to accommodate any kind of lighting situation!

When should we schedule our session?

Frequently Asked Questions